From Cuba with love


So…..Marina Hemingway is a big complex.But very run down. There is a hotel, 2 * at the most but two great pools. Lots of empty buildings and a total soviet style to it all….kind of grey and square. There is a bakery, gift shops and hairdressers…..yes. Got all exited about until I saw the result…..
Booked us in and got the boys to have a haircut which was fine and then me. Wanted mine a bit more layered and a little shorter and highlights. She coloured, cut and blow dried it and it look fantastic. And straightened them to finish it all off…..well I never thought that you could apply red hot iron on newly coloured hair! Well you can’t at least not on mine. She frazzled and burnt my fringed and when I washed it and of course I don’t blow dry the whole thing looks a mess!!! Uk and my fab hairdresser Kirsty, here I come, needs serious sorting out:)
There is also a club nautico and popped in there. A lounge and a tv room! Also every Friday they do a BBQ. Of course we will be there. So in the afternoon down to the bowling hall where outside had a little park and then for the club. We were in heaven. Kids got tv, we got the view and the food was excellent. Alice finally asleep in the pushchair and we could finally really relax.
We spent all 4 Friday evenings there.some nights very late…..they also had this man playing guitar with limited English but we liked talking to him and of course after few beers Chris just has to join in with the singing. Usually a duet with the man singing in Spanish and Chris coming out with a lot of rubbish in English. Very entertaining!!!

We met a young man, michell, a student who worked there every Friday as his dad run the club. He promised to take us to Havana on the Sunday.
So in comes Michell with the lada to pick us up and good to have a local guide. Parked up and walked everywhere. Plenty of beautiful old American cars, old colonial buildings and happy friendly people. Went to the revolutionary museum which is the presidential palace from Batista era and where the 1959 coup happened. Walls full of bullet holes that James thought was fascinating and so did we.aircraft and missiles on display from the Cuba missile crisis and a van full of bullet holes from the coup. Inside lots of clothing, letters and books and also torture devices that Batista military use to use. Horrible to see and visualise….bought a book about Che Guevara and even if Cuba went on to be a communist country surely it was better than Batista era??

After that a lunch with lobster that cost about £ 4.00. Pays to have a local with you. Then a walk down to old Havana, obispo district with lots of shops, tourists and local vendors. And the chocolate cafe…great day out, thanks to Michell!

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