So much to do

After a fab half term with half decent weather we are first day back in school…..yak! My blood pressure goes sky high with running around like an idiot shouting at kids to GET READY! For umpteenth time “will you eat up/ brush your teeth/ get your jumper on/shoes on and so it goes on. Bloody fed up listening to myself.

And so the day goes. So much to do but I end up playing card games, reading books, fart assing around and ooopppsss, the day has gone. As mentioned before we will end up throwing everything in the skip the night before:) Well, we have got nothing of worthy except fotos…

Sitting here with my glass of red, facemask on looking at the new wooden floor in the summer room,it looks amazing! As the kitchen and all the new fitted wardrobes, lovely high-tech bathrooms with magic taps and automatic lights on, you might wonder why the hell are we leaving such a beautiful house? After years of living like a squatter….simple answer. When you have felt the freedom of coming and going as you please, leave an island when you get bored, look at the chart, point and say ” that looks good”. That’s why:)))

My mum in Finland is obviously not over the moon but I’m sure with a few tickets to come and see us, she will understand…her worry is the grandchildren, not me:)

So on the packing note, the upstairs spare bedroom is full of stuff. Clothes, magazines, books, suncreams, I don’t know but the pile is high. Obviosly the young madam has got dresses for each day with matching pants and hats and cute little pink crocs! I can see Chris throwing half in the sea, haha! On the serious note is all penicillin, antibiotics, strong painkillers, iv needles etc.

So are we ready? Nooooo. But I’m sure it all will be fine, somehow, somehow, somehow, somehow………………….








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