Prickly things like jabs

Hi there

So the last jab for Charlie was done last Thursday.Needless to say he went bersek when he found out! As the story goes it all started back in January,with hep A and B times 3 followed by rabies times 3 followed by typhoid,pre school jab,yellow fever and still to go Alice MMR. We went to local shop and I told the kids to choose WHATEVER sweets you like…followed by we are going to see the nurse…it worked the first time and of course the rest it was tears and a classic from Charlie “I don’t want the sweets” Well you are having sweets so choose:)

On the nicer note we had our first night out,just the two of us after Alice was born and wow,you forget that there is life outside the four walls.We sat outside a pub in the sunshine talking normally without being interrupted/screamed at/shouting at them/don’t touch/don’t/don’t/don’t. So we have booked Mitch back for another night:)
Saturday we went to a park with skateboarding ramps….oh well.Ending with a smashed up face for James and a cut for Charlie on his nose.Me and Alice had to cut our lovely day in the park to get the injured little soldiers home for medicin/plasters and tv.You see, tv fixes everything!

At the moment hubby is down in Southampton as we got second viewing for the old boat.Hopefully with luck we get her sold as we need the money badly.How much does it cost to get the house finished? And of course I need the glass of wine….
At the moment hubby is down in Southampton

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