Christmas, New Year – 2021

On Christmas Eve, we took a taxi to Karon, a 10 min drive to a Swedish restaurant called Karlssons where we met S/Y Nadine and Sans Peur.

What a feast! The buffet was out of this world. There was so much food and for me just fantastic to have food from my corner of the world.

Grava lax, salmon, ham, cold meats, creamy potatoes, meatballs, sausages, janssons temptation……heaven!

And of course, Santa came as well.

Had a very fun filled evening with lots of laughter, eating far to much and generally misbehaving.

On the way back we hopped on a tuk tuk. With loud music…

Christmas Day we upped the anchor to go to Bangtao beach and spend the day there with Ayla and Toby.

We had a bbq but I didn’t eat much as I was still stuffed from the night before. The kids had a great time on the beach.

We went back to Patong for New Year celebrations. Chilled on the beach and as evening approached more and more people gathered together for picnics and family time. The lanterns were beautiful to watch as they floated high up and great for general people watching….

Charlie’s birthday was celebrated at Hugos hub, a very cool place where you can order different foods from different stalls and the take a seat and enjoy.

Met up with S/Y Nadine again. Last few get togethers as they were leaving on their way back to Sweden….

And another Karlssons meal in Patong with bonkers kids!

Soon to have the reality smack us in the face….

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