Bundaberg august – October 2020

Bundaberg is very country side with lots of farming and sugar caning. It’s also the sweet potatoes capital of Australia. The soil rich and red in colour.

It’s also home to the famous rum and ginger beer

The boys found a place where they could play the magic the gathering card game which was great so usually on the Wednesday afternoon I dropped them off there and Alice and I went trawling around charity shops.

Bundaberg is also home to the pioneer aviator Bert Hinkler who designed and built early aircraft before being the first person to fly solo from England to Australia and solo across southern Atlantic Ocean.

The museum was great. We saw the plane that he flew in, whimsical looking thing….and a very British looking house. He worked in U.K. for some time and when he came back to Australia he had his house dismantled in Southampton and brought over.

The botanical garden is a lovely park to hang out. Took a little train ride and the volunteers were great to chat to.

One day as I was reading posts on Women who sail in Australia site and came across one post that was offering a car to use….what???

This lady, Bron was stuck in Tasmania due to all borders closed and her car was in Brisbane unused. And she was wondering if anybody wanted to use it! Seriously? I couldn’t believe what I read. I answered the post only to have an update that she had found somebody. My heart sank but hey….

I then got a phone call from Bron to say that she had chosen us. What a day. If I could have screamed I would have but standing in Cole’s supermarket at the time that wasn’t such so good idea. We picked the car up at the weekend and now we are proud foster parents to “Blueberry” 😀 so we have a free car to use and Bron gets few things fixed…..thank you so, so much!

We then popped over to Nick and Nicky for the spa treatment and dinner in the cellar

Back in the marina Chris decided to take the injection pump out and getting it repaired as it had a tiny leak going on. Usually when we are in the marina we don’t plug into electricity as it’s expensive but what we didn’t know that here in Australia it’s free! So lucky we had an aussie plug and could do it as our generator blew up….yes, what the heck happened? The generator is only 3 years old…..

Well, when we came into the marina couple of guys were nice enough to take our lines. What we didn’t know, one of them changed the position of one of the fenders and hang it straight over the generator water outlet. So the boat was tight to the pontoon, fender over the hole, we start the generator, water has no where to go and boom, water backtracking, generator dead.

The kids came running towards me as I’ve gone to get the washing, Alice crying, boys stressed as they told me that dad has had enough and that’s it.

“Ok” I said…….”let’s have a look, don’t panic…..”

So Chris was like a bear with a sore head, ranting about money and the never ending fixing that he has to do. Now, we all have bad days, the good thing we have them on different days so when one is having a stropp the other one can calm things down and that’s what I did. In the end we figured out that we were covered and the insurance paid for it, phew. That could have been a £10.000 bill to pay…..but, now we were sitting ducks with no engine and no generator….

So while all this was going on I had secured a house sit in Brisbane that was coming up and Chris was helping somebody to sail their boat up to Cairns so we cleaned and packed, us going south and Chris going north…..

Few days before Alice found this cute hare sitting in the grass and ants crawling on it so of course we had to rescue it. Lucky we found a rescue place where Chris and kids dropped it off otherwise we would have ended up with a hare on the boat…

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