Nelson Bay – July 2020

We moved back over to Nelson Bay again as closer to the town. Anchored in the same spot and spent our next few days schooling, rollerblading, shopping and the odd haircut. The weather was hot and sunny one day and bloody freezing the next.

Kept a close eye on the storm trying to figure out where to go. Salamander bay would be better as lots of space to put a lot of anchor chain out or tuck into one of the little bays…..marina space was stupid money so a no go….

The decision was taken out of our hands as the maritime police came by and told us there is a public dock in the marina area. Really? And we should go in. You can usually only stay for 24h to refill water or fix things but as the storm was coming they wanted everybody safe.

We took a dinghy ride to see if we could actually fit in as there was already a big boat in and our draft….was it deep enough? Had a chat with the nice guys on the big boat and they were willing to move in one space so we could get in. Happy days!

I actually hate going into marinas, always the worry if the wind will spin the boat about, how much space to manoeuvre, don’t want to clout any other boats, all these things jumps in my head as Chris always does a super job of it. Tied down securely we then proceeded to secured down any loose bits, an extra line ashore and generally checking things over.

During this time few more boats came in, some towed by the maritime. It never stops to amaze me in what wrecks people actually live in. A step from being homeless really and they all have their stories how it became like that.

On the Sunday we took a hike up the Tomaree look out. It was a 10 km walk and it was sunny with blue skies. The views were stunning.

There was also a old army base, a bit spooky….

And a well earned picnic

The storm came and blew harshly for few days. A very nice feeling to sit secure in the marina and not to have to worry about the anchor. It was freezing though.

Did a zoom interview about homeschooling with a lady in America. My first ever zoom call and the interview is on a apple podcast, stitcher or Spotify as homeschooling success stories on 28.7- 2020 episode 10.

Our school term came to an end for our summer holidays just the right time as the cruising season here starts in May. So we could continue to the warmer waters of Queensland without the pressure of school.

A few days before we left for Coffs Harbour we went to the park again. The kids were asking for an ice cream which I was not going to buy as they were very expensive so as a peace offering we would buy it from the supermarket. All packs have four in them, who shall we give the last one to?

We were scanning the playground. Couldn’t give to anyone who had a sibling, lots of kids….until our eyes set on a blond haired girl, there with her grandparents. We walked up to ask if she would like the ice cream stating it’s unopened and untouched. “Of course” was the answer and Alice and Kate went off to play while I had a nice chat with the grandparents. I’m pleased to say that I had a message from them through this blog as I always wonder about people I meet, how they are or what happened to them.

Finally, after 3 weeks it was time for us to leave for a day/ night sail to Coffs. Nearly, nearly in Queensland. Had a stunning sail again and anchored in Coffs just for one night as it’s very rolly and I was skittish that they might close the border again.

The following morning with dark clouds hanging over us we did another day/ night sail although a lot of motoring on this trip. And finally we reached Southport in Queensland. What a relief. We were in! A border control boat greeted us wanting our information and we found a spot to drop the hook in bum’s bay. Yes, that’s the name. A great spot but we also knew that there was a whole lot of rain coming our way for four days so next day we decided to go into a marina. Right choice as I thought I will never see the sun again. Jeez, it rained, rained and rained…..

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