Samoa August 2019

It was only an overnighter to Samoa and the kids were happy as they didn’t loose the WiFi that evening.

The waves where at a funny angle so we did this sort of odd swing about and I felt a bit uncomfortable and sicky, very unusual for me. Couldn’t wait to get there…..

As we arrived in the morning we had also passed the international dateline and just like that, we lost a day.

S/y Slingshot, Caramba and Flocefida was there. Anchored and had a good clean up and stored away bottles of wine we bought in Tahiti.

The next day we all hired a mini van and went for a road trip.

Samoa is extremely beautiful. First stop was a fresh water pool, ice cold and the really brave ones could snorkel through a tunnel in the big cave to a smaller one. Definitely not for me.From there off we went to a beach bar for some lunch. The weather was closing in and we had a massive down pour to Alice’s delight, she is the water baby.Following stop was a deep, deep round blow hole near the coast with some seriously steep ladder down. Now, I don’t do hights and was worried that I can’t do it. Also worried about Alice, the ladder was slippery….

Everybody got down fine, me before Alice, eve so slowly and finally plunged into the salty ocean water. What an amazing place. Very unique.

It was a very long day, we saw some amazing sights, beautiful Samoan countryside and their traditional houses that haven’t got any walls so everybody can see in. When it rains they pull down either some curtains or plastic sheets.

A happy Samoan, they are all big into cricket.

The following day we made our way to the culture centre. This is where they show us tourists how they cook, get coconuts, weave baskets, make fire and traditional tattooing. Absolutely fascinating.

They also cooked everybody a traditional meal. Very tasty.

The tattoo hut was most interesting. We weren’t aloud to take any photos but they tattoo half of their body over 12 sessions. Very painful, as the person lays down there is few more men surrounding him and offering moral support, fanning and small talk.

I wanted a tattoo made in Samoa so had a chat with the master and we were told to come back on the Saturday. Woohoo!This lady showed us how they make cloth out of tree bark. For pictures but traditionally also for clothing. Usually only used at weddings or other important festivities.Beautiful Samoan dancing, very gentle dancing from the women, totally different from Tahiti and some impressive fast dancing from the men.

Totally amazing day, we had some much fun, learnt a lot and the people really are beautiful and kind.

The Samoan dancing video will be posted separately and next write up will be of the tattoo moment, including James…..

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