Easter Island March 2019

We were trying to call the immigration to clear in, if we could as we had no leaving papers from Peru. Nobody answered. Finally another boat told us that the office was closed because of bad weather. Well, don’t know where that bad weather was as everything was fine.

He offered to take us in as you need a big engine to get to the harbour. We have one but not very reliable.

Now, let me tell how it’s done. You go in but you have to count the waives. Something like every 7th you surf in with. That’s the easy part. On the way out it’s trickier. Again you look and count until you see a smaller waive and that’s when you go against it and get out…..yeah right!

We got in fine. First place was an ice cream cafe. Take what you want as it’s a treat. The bill was eye watering. Nothing is going to be as cheap as South America.

Had a walk around, got SIM card fixed and popped in to customs. Just letting them know that we are here illegally. They told us to go back to the boat, check in will get done tomorrow.

So back we went. Sitting in the dinghy waiting for the right waive. I just didn’t get it. When I saw the waive and he revved up the outboard and went for it……I just screamed. I was holding on for dear life and holding on to Charlie and Alice. Bloody hell, we went flying into the waive, flying into the air and down with a hard bump. I tell you, I’m a wimp but that was just horrible. I said to Chris that we will just pay a local fisherman to take us in next time. They have big lanchas.

The next day we had the officials turning up. All 10 of them. Customs, immigration, drug dog, health and safety etc. Wow. All very polite. Super nice. We told our story and they said that the Peruvian police had informed them about us. That we have left without paying and papers. Luckily they stamped our passports and said ” welcome to Chile and Easter Island” I hugged the nearest official, we were lucky!

Following day all the cruisers had organised a bbq and a lancha to take us ashore. And it was my birthday. Perfect day. Kids swimming, us chilling and with a lancha the journey wasn’t to bad.And the Finns on S/Y Omaha.

Next day the weather turned bad. Big waives was coming in and we were all told to move to the other side of the island. Chris had nearly fixed the anchor but had to put 4 more screws in place.

I’m at the front in the anchor locker and Chris inside the boat. Waives were crashing over the bow and I thought ” what if we can’t get the anchor up?” Finally we were done and legged it to the other side. All good.

The boys hooked up with Morgan from Alaska. School was done and trips ashore made.

We also hired a car to get around to see all the famous statues. They are unbelievably amazing. How they done them is astonishing. These moais were belived to hold the spirit of the ancestors. Facing inwards to keep an eye on the living. Nobody really knows what happened and why the moais were thrown down but one theorie is that there was tribal trouble and they pushed over each other’s moais.

Luckily lots of them are being restored.Here on this stone you can see a carving of a European boat.

To be continued…..

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