Escaping Peruk

So not to bore you about the mess we had after the lovely house sit I will try to write a shorter version of the events.

We moved back on the boat and started a serious re stocking and refuelling. Lots of trips was made to Macro to buy bulk stuff and enquires to wineyards to get the best price for around 250 bottles of wine….yes, it has to last awhile. Wine is silly expensive in Polynesia.

All the same time we were waiting to hear about our shipment that still sat at customs.

We were hoping to leave end of January to get to Easter island for they festival.

We sat, we waited, we bought the wine and the boat was ready. Still no sign of the shipment. This had to be checked and checked, pay more money etc. In the end we realised that choice, the company had made a big mistake by halving the shipment and then they couldn’t do it again. There was items there that the customs wanted as permanent import even when we were yacht in transit. I was fuming!! February came and went and now it was March, our weather window getting smaller and our nerves in shreds. Bite the bullet, pay the damn duty and let’s go. That costed us $4000 ….

Ok, let’s get zarpe, the clearance paperwork. Surprise, surprise. That’s going to cost us another $1200 plus sanitation, immigration and wait for it…..cruising permit to leave AND a safety check of the boat. WTF?

We had no intention to do all that, no way… more money. To keep them happy we paid the cruising permit. But they wouldn’t give us the proof until safety check was done.

So the idiot came onboard. Wit a list of requirements for a tanker. The demands were ridiculous. Must have 4 big life rings onboard was one, and automatic bilgepump fit for a ……tanker. It wasn’t going to happened, was it? Chris made a point of showing him that we comply with solar, we are well equipped but no. In the end the guy left and said he will email the papers to us.

When we got it we said no way. Next email said what would we be prepared to do to get sorted. ( bribery?) we left it unanswered.

On the Friday evening we got our stuff from the port. I got pizzas and in the dark we marked out our new anchor chain, as one does, got everything on to the boat and carried on stowing everything.

The next morning we got the new mainsail up, hurrah all good. Last shower, last ice cream and ……WE FINALLY LEFT. Just went, like that. What a feeling!We had a beautiful day. We were so happy.

As the night fell we saw a lot of fishing boats. And this time they fished wit a net between them. Shit. Which way, where is one end and before we knew it we saw the net under our boat. I held my breath……one second…..two second…..and then we heard the ping sound. We were free, phew. We were lucky as had we gone any slower we would have got stuck. A bit later the same thing, over the net we flew just hearing the ping sound. Ok, all good……not for long.

80 nm out we lost the wind indicator at the top of the mast. Typical. And then the autohelm went into funny clanking fits…..not good. We debated and Chris said it would be better to go back. Yes, I agreed but what a shit feeling that gave us.

We turned around, back to Peru….

In the morning we sailed into Ancon, the first place we got to and picked up a buoy. We still had our AIS so the navy couldn’t track us. A quick hoist up the mast to dis the wind instrument and a check and tighten up few screw and bolts we were ready to escape again.

So second time going, same fishing nets in the dark but this time we made it. We were on our way to Easter island.

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  1. We are so happy that you escaped and made it to Easter Island! One happy result being that Morgan, Mike, and I got to meet you all! The address that James gave Morgan seems to be incomplete, could you please send us contact information again?
    We are back in Alaska, long cool days. Can’t wait to hear more about your adventures!

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