Lima dec. 2018

Larco museum is a beautiful house, with a very nice restaurant and some amazing things on display. The Inca gold, tapestry and pots. Lots and lots of pots to the kids horror.Also a mummyAnd the much feared POTS….And these kind of days can be very tiringThe Saturday before Mommi left we went to Barranco. A green, leafy bohemian neighbourhood with lots of people selling their artAnd this is one way of travellingWe also visited the famous Mario Testino museum who became known worldwide with his Princess Diana photos. She died couple of months after these photos.I will never forget where I was on that day. Stunning pictures of a stunning lady.

Mommi left us. We were all upset as usual, it never gets any easier. But will see her in the French Polynesia somewhere or Fiji….

Charlie had his 9th birthday and we had Rodrigo here. Unfortunately the other couple of boys were on holiday. Cake was good.

Last Sunday kids and I went to se a Peruvian horse show. Booked for the buffet as well which was out of this world. Trying to stuff myself as much as possible, we were in food heaven.

The show was beautiful. The horses are called paso horses who naturally trots very elegantly. On the sad note we lost a friend.

When we first came to Callao and sat in anchor for 8 days Senjor Tango as we called him was the first person to come by and say hello. Not a word of English, happily chatting and wondering why we were not coming ashore.

He came by few times a day and then with his friend Nils who bought us a a lot of shopping.

We got to know him, his wife and children, he came for drinks on our boat. Always joking, smiling, him and Chris sharing jokes and being generally stupid. We always laughed with Tango or Adrian, his real name.

Few days ago he was found drowned with a life jacket on. He couldn’t swim….don’t know more, maybe heart attack, maybe stroke…..who knows. I am surprisingly upset over it, only known him for such a short time…..

And few more picsthese metal roses are bought in Barranco, I like themAt the yacht clubAlice and Bee

Time is up at this house sit. We have enjoyed the friends, the fun and having a washing machine.

Back to La Punta and getting the final things done with the boat, checking weather, food, more goodbyes……oh, let’s not forget the 300 bottles of wine we still have to orderšŸ˜›

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