Quito, Ecuador

On 4th of April we took the night bus to Quito. Luxury! Big, wide and soft chairs to sitt in that reclined down to a very comfy seat to sleep in. The driver was a bit of a speedy Gonzales but the ride itself was good and safe.

As we approached the capital the grey sky and rain welcomed us……couldn’t believe it. We don’t do rain nor grey skies!

As we stepped out of the bus we nearly keeled over with dizziness and headaches. What an awful feeling. And standing there in the rain, freezing our butts off haggling for a good price with the taxi driver….

Got to our Airbnb flat which was great, tv and a fireplace. Sorted out food, wood and of course wine and huddled in there for the rest of the day feeling icky..

Next day we took a wander but still feeling funny. Walked around the old town, beautiful place but oh so cold.

And then back to the flat feeling still funny. Charlie got it worse…..he had to eat his dinner on the floor laying down….complaining all along.

Saw some amazing churches, museums and took a gondola ride up to the top of a mountain. Stunning views.

On the down side my phone got stolen in a dvd shop. Stupid thing to do. Never have I lost anything in all the years of travel but now, put the phone in my fleece pocket, didn’t see or feel anything, got out of the shop and asked Chris: “Have you got the phone?” My heart skipped and sank as I frantically patted down all pockets, checked the bag, blamed everybody to realise it really was gone. Shit!

So back to the flat, cancel Uber, change passwords to fb and emails. Re doing and reopening everything again on the iPad. Luckily didn’t have to many photos on it, it was a brand new phone bought in Panama before we left. That Sunday really sucked!

We also visited an indigenous museum. Beautiful ornaments, musical instruments, clothing and stunning stuff to buy like blankets jewellery.

Too soon the time in Quito came to an end, back on the bus and back to Salinas where the boat was waiting for us on a buoy. Mick and Pat had looked after her well, sleeping in the cockpit to make sure nobody came onboard.

The rest of the time in Ecuador went with school, beach and stocking the boat up again, in preparation for our sail down to Peru? All so exciting!

Old town Quito

Diesel refuelling Ecuadorian style.

Hard work to find lavanderia

Chicks in the shop


The flat

The must do Ecuador

The gondola trip

The museum

And finally, we even got to see the president who sits in a wheelchair. Ecuador is pretty good at wheelchair access for that reason.

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