The following day we motored few miles to the anchorage, there is two, Las Brisas or La Playita. We chose La Playita as more protected. Even so it was choppy and I decided straight away that “I didn’t like it!” It was rolly, uncomfortable and lots of boats. Maybe being in shelter bay Marina made me to comfy…..

Met up with S/Y Itchy Foot again and Alice’s friend Teo. Happy days.

The next week or so was spent at the park and skateboard park where we met S/Y Shawnigans and more kids. Did serious last minute shopping with Rogelio of things we think we need, found this great pizza place with wood burning oven and checked out the bio museum.

Amazing place, totally recommend it. It tells you all about how Panama isthmus became, films about different areas, native people, all the amazing animals and the canal.
And in all this we still managed to do school.

And so came the time to finally check out. I was pooping myself as I knew me and two of the kids had overstayed. We could face a fine around $800.

Went to immigration putting the two good passport on top and hoping…..all went well for us until Alice’s passport that was last. She had a new one so no entry stamp to Panama….caught! He then went through them again and saw that we had overstayed. So off we marched to the big immigration place.

Trying to look very poor, worrying….

Lucky for us, they didn’t charge for the kids, just me so the payable fine was $200. What a relieve!

So all legal and checked out we bought a good local chicken and rice lunch.
Before we left we also popped into Smithsonian next to the anchorage. Great place for education looking at all the poisonous frogs, iguanas, turtles etc. Haven’t got any photos as my phone was stolen in Ecuador, more of that later.

We also met up wit Mia, our canal crew and Leo, her son.

So on Saturday 17.3 we finally left Panama. Been there for over 3 years on and off so really time to move on. The boat felt good and ready, and off we went to Las Perlas islands. About 30nm. Beautiful day and wind just right.

Again, no photos but Contadora Island is very beautiful. We were followed by Shawnigans. The next day we all took a wonder around in the sweltering heat and back to the beach were all kids went wild in the water. The water is so cold compared to Caribbean but eventually I got in.

The next day we went to Isla del Rey. During the sail we saw a whale and dolphins. Beautiful. The anchorage a bit rolly but just us two boats there. Heaven. Following day we went up the mosquito river on low tide with Shawnigans.

What an adventure. Driving with the dinghy, sometimes pulling it. Had a break on the banks, watching the water trickle around us and feasting on coconuts. Lucky as we didn’t have enough water with us.


Carried on deeper up the river, knee deep in mud, cuts all under our feet. Things happened very slowly, we didn’t see it coming first… then realise that the water level was going up fast. Amazing to watch it. Got to the little waterfall where we had a splash and I washed my hair while Chris and the boys were fishing. Such a cool place….

After a full day out, tired but happy the weather report came up to say it should be good to go to Ecuador the next day. Came a bit quick so we scrambled to get the boat ship-shaped that night. All exiting.

Following morning we waved good bye to Shawnigans as they were off to Galapagos and we left on a slow start.

Ecuador, here we come!

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