Hubby lumped me into it tonight……

He has been working non stop every day, every hour for 5 weeks….

So the horror as he has gone to sleep is that I had to do was…….eat! Wash up, fill water bottles, sort out the advent calendars , shut hatches , shut down power as our cable didn’t like to connect tonight to land cable….

So biggest headache was the Xmas calendars….3 days late….none knew nothing but I was conscious that it should be done….dragged them out, we have to do the refill ones as chocolate just doesn’t last in this heat. And hang them up, fill what needed to be filled, some days chocolate, some days money or a mix.

And guess what? Another day and no time for a shower. I’m desperado, haven’t washed my hair for 4-5 days…..

Advent Calendar treats - sweets, chocolate and plastic toys
The sweets, thanks to Halloween in Canada
One of the advent calendars.....
One of the calendars…..

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