Calgary August – September


So now we were a family of four….one missing but overall very peaceful.
Our time went on kids being here every day to play, cinema, out for walks, swimming pools and just enjoying internet and netflix. few movies we haven’t seen….
Also got mums ticket sorted out as when Chris went to London, mum would be here to keep me company.
Ever so often there was a bbq or a drink invite here or there and much laughter was shared as we settled into Calgary life and life in a house again.

Chris left for London and following day mum came here. Brilliant as we haven’t seen each other for over a year. So much to talk about, over few glasses of wine and the kids got more swedish language again. More Calgary city trips like the Glenbow museum where the native indians, the blackfoots have a great display of their culture, language and history. Also the Calgary fort where the story is more from the new settlers side. Went to national parks and more pools with million slides to choose from as well as just plain playgrounds that doesn’t seem to exist in South America.
All fine but on the back of my mind Was always a James….how is he doing…missing him….

Chris and James got back, totally lovely, so much to talk about…James got to go on holiday from London to France, not bad. Reconnected with few friends but also missing us.

So the next trip was a day to Banff. Up to Rockie mountains. What a drive. What a view. What a beautiful place even as I saw snow…
First to Lake Louise and the ski lifts that takes you up in 15 min. Early morning, we are dressed like going to a beach but thankfully had a fleece each. Everybody else had coats, hats, gloves, walking boots…do you get the picture? We had shorts, skirts, flip flops and felt like complete idiots. And yes, it was cold. We could choose from a enclosed gondola or a open seat. Well, I’m from Finland, I’m going on the open one…admitting to have a small blanket from the car to snuggle under. It was needed…
The trip up was stunning. So peaceful and quiet. Hoped to see a grizzly bear but no luck there. As the morning went by it got warmer and when the time was to go back down it was hot. We had the last laugh! Perfectly dressed watching everybody else ditching their hats and gloves. And yes, flip flops was fine.
Next stop was the Lake. Glacier water and so icy blue/green. And of course it was my children who decided to go for a waddle and fall in. I was not amused but everybody else was, bloody kids. Charlie was like a shivering rat, no change of clothes so made him get on with it.
We also met this old Sioux indian… I couldn’t take my eyes off him. My thoughts spiraling back in time…he was still a very proud man, spoke so softly and had a wisdom in his eyes that I / we can only dream about……
The drive back felt long, everybody tired to only be invited to the neighbours for another funfilled evening. Never to say no to a party…

I also enrolled Alice to a ballet class. Oh the joy on her face as she got to dance and twirl. Loving it. But it’s times like that, that makes me feel guilty as none of the children can never really join a class of something. Just once with James in Colombia with his football.

Mum then flew off to Vancouver to see her old school friend for 10 days. School started for us again, the lovely summer holiday over and of course James started the week with arguing and mouthing. Yes, another year on it’s way….

Another trip we did was to Drumheller and the badlands. One of the biggest dinosaur museums is there and yes, what a collection. To much to take in but we learned a lot and had fun although it wasn’t really Alice’s cup of tea….

We also took a trip to Drumheller and the badlands where there is one of the biggest dinosaur museums. To much to take in but what a collection.

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