Summer -2015 in uk

We stayed for 7 weeks in Europe around various houses, locations and countries. We moved house 6 times and it was hard work. A big thank you to everybody who put up with this gypsie family, not easy as 5 of us….
First we stayed around Amanda and Clive, good friend and Alice’s godparents. It was a busy time catching up, hair and dental appointments and our first Sunday roast since we left Colombia! We also went to legoland with Amanda and thankfully she had saved some vouchers as I have no idea how people can afford it. Stupidly expensive but a great day and as everybody is in school the place was quite empty. Bonus for homeschoolers!
We then moved to Susan’s in Chorleywood for a week, black horse pub around the corner and the village day where we saw a lot of friends and people from school. To then end up around Louisa’s for a bbq and the boys for a sleepover cross the road around Kathys….happy days! We also went to willows farm, one of my favourite places for a day out and thanks to Mel who gave me vouchers I got in a lot cheaper. UK felt very expensive after a year in Colombia and the prises are just crazy.
We then moved over to Mike and Hazels, parents to our friend Simon where I re packed for me and the kids to go to Finland for 2 weeks. Haven’t been there for 3 years so looking forward to it.
A busy time there trying to see a lot of relatives, cousins and friends. The weather was great, water tasted nice, a fun engament party with food from heaven and saw my cousins Kim and Lotta.stayed up three nights, of catching up, laughing and drinking…needless to say I looked a bit worn out after that. Enjoyed the sauna where Alice’s comment was” it’s a very nice bbq!”and just sitting with mum in the end of the day with a glas of wine and a chat. The time went far to fast and I could have stayed there another couple of weeks. Anyway, time to pack again and back to UK. But only for one night as now we were all heading to Bournemouth to meet Ineke and Mike, our sailing friends we met in Colombia. Stayed there for 6 days but between that we went all the way down to Jurassic coast to meet up with James best friend from school, Calum who lives now in Abu Dhabi. They were so happy to see each other. We looked for fossils, had a bbq and explored the area with them. Very interesting, to see how people holiday in a cold Britain…..hellbent on sitting on a pebbled beach with the wind blowing and water freezing cold…..again the two days went fast and time to head back to Mike and Inekes. Sitting in the garden, drinking wine, going for long forest walks and picking blueberries. It was also James friend Toby’s birthday coming up so Chris drove halfway home to meet Toby and his dad Chris and the boys to be together for a birthday treat.
We stayed another night and then back up to Chorleywood and Mike and Hazels place for 3 days AND pack up again and this time we moved to Kathys and house, so you can imagine the late nights, war games and I padding that was going on…not us, the boys, Toby and Alice!!!
So the days rolled on, met Tamla for a bbq and Charlie for a sleepover with his friend Alfie, the boys had couple of days of football camp,met up with Helen and Archie,Tim and Kate with their two boys. And then we moved again, for the last time to Tamlas house. They went on holiday, we fed the animals,happy days.
I also took the kids in to London for a day to Buckingham palace. What an amazing place. So beautiful and well organised. Would definitely go again! Saw the banquet room which is just huge to beautiful staircases and ceilings…..
And then it was all over, back to packing again but this time for Panama. We were looking forward to go. Absolutely knackered but we had had some fun! Sure!
So sayonara London and hola Panama!

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