He is back……


So finally he came back….and surprised us all by turning up a day to early….I was happily in bed asleep when there is this knocking going on and saw it was Stewart, told him to piss off and to then hear “it’s your hubby here” Well sure enough, there he was and asking for a glass of wine at 11.30pm…of course! 3 bottles later Stewart left and we crawled to bed. Strange to have somebody next to me again, SNORING!

Next morning kids didn’t realised that he was home even as the biggest bag sat in the middle of the floor and they kept climbing over it. Funny, kids. The joy when they did realise and the face of Chris being mobbed down, I bet he wished he was back in the room in Florida…

So we had 3 weeks of fun, company and help. The school started again and everything goes into a rut. Got offered a job in the marina, nice to be thought of but no…..why would I want to employ a nanny to do a job I don’t have to do but here everybody has got one, plus the cleaner and the cook etc…
Weekends spent at different pools and enjoying our usual curry night and roast on the sunday.
And we also had James 8th birthday. Wau, my big boy….got a skateboard that he wished for and a day spent at this posh place called Maman cana. Sited on a ancient Tayrona Indians sacred place, it’s a pool, relax place with great views, stunning pools and the zip wire…of course! The boys had a great run on it, screaming they way down, totally pumped up with adrenaline. As we came to leave the heavens opened and the rain lashed down, never seen anything like it…maybe we upset a spirit some where????

So the day came again for Chris to leave. Another 4 weeks in Florida to do his instrument training and this time I was on my own…dreading it! Lucky it was a sunday so we had the roast to look forward to but boy do I have to be organised again. And the schooling and the rest. lucky we got this nursery/school around the corner where I introduced Alice to go to for 3 mornings and Charlie for 2. Hopefully they will learn some Spanish as mine is very slow….desperately trying to learn but limited memory, to busy…and I love to talk. So not be able to talk as I want is pretty shit. Anyway, I’m not leaving South America until I at least got a some Spanish….so that’s where we are for the moment with lots of more details to come but now off to bed,


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