Santa Marta

Great place, the second oldest city in South America! How amazing!!! And here we are….
Excellent marina, hot and cold showers ( not that you need the hot bit ) friendly staff and smack middle of the town. Mini market, wifi and gated. Apparently 29 on the list of dangerous towns/cities in the world. But as we explored and found lovely restaurants, friendly people and a chaos of cars and bikes….we didn’t feel unsafe or threaten not once. Not then and not now. Yes there is part of the town you don’t go to as we were told by Stewart, a helicopter pilot we met as soon as we arrived. Who invites English people ( me?) to curry nights on a Thursday and Sunday roasts. Oh yes! Proper roasts with all the trimmings. A bit hot at times to eat but we still stuff our faces. So, Stewart has taken us under his wing, shows us around, takes us to pool and beaches. He’s got a three year old, Nathalie and Alice gets on with her brilliantly. Atta, Atta Alice calls every day! They fight about pushchairs occasionally but all solved in due course. The boys get to watch proper TV and we get food. Happy days!

Now it was time to check some flights to London. Had few appointments to attend to…and what prices. Searched high and low and then you just got to buy it. As we were flying to Bogota we would stop over there for few nights. Checked few hostels out and picked one that sounded and looked good. We’ll see….
Mad rush to get the boat in shape and got all our frozen food over to Stewarts. Ineka and Mike, another cruising couple would keep an eye out for boat and make sure ropes are good etc. It gets very windy here and can blow up to 60 knots sometimes. And so we left. Only two check in bags and few more with us for all the goodies from London. Few wish list things to bring back like Heinz salad cream and mint sauce for Stewart, tetley teabags for John and fridge repair bits for Ineka and Mike….

The flight to Bogota took only hour and a half. I was very exited as I picked up a book in Grenada last year about a street child. Wasn’t sure I wanted to read it but I did. Cried and read it. A very sad story about a 4 year old who took to streets as his mum was a prostituet. One story among thousands in Bogota. How he survived, how kids get abused and disappear, how you have to fight for true survival and fight he did. My Bogota trip would be looking for street kids and walk the places where this boy walked.he didn’t even have a name, his mum called him Chico= boy….


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