And so we said good buy to Puerto Rico and the city life with museums, beautiful churches and to lot of choice on food.We shopped the Costco nearly empty to stuck up for Cuba. Spent lot of money but had to be done. We buddy boated with an American boat called Magic, Ken and Michelle and totally lovely people. Ken first popped over to our boat and he looked like the wild professor from ” back to the future” .Hehe. Anyway we left together to sail to Arecibo and stayed there for one night and continued following day to Dominican Republic or DR. Good sail, a bit rough in places and again big waives but overall good.Ken is amazing at sailing…beat us every time and we got a swan!!! We even left before them from DR and he still beat us….

Samana,a little town, very rough and ra and I totally fell for this place. Beautiful music and beautiful people. Mode of transport was either back of an motorbike or motorbike with a carriage. Like a tuk tuk. We loved it. Crazy driving.
Went to local market where meat hangs out, dirt flows around and the gutters…..well you can imagine. But we still loved it. And it was cheap. Found the English church that was dismantled and brought over as well as a playground, great bars with Latino music and people just dancing as it took they fancy. Fascinating! And of course we just joined in. Fell in love with this little girl who just wanted to be picked up and we gave her one of our puzzles. We both cried when we left…..:(((

We were only 3 days there as we had to move on but we did see the humpback whales. Just amazing. They really played for us, the mummy and baby and leapt out and blew and we did get covered in I think whale snot and water…..? We watched them for couple of hours and it was rather moving too. Didn’t want to leave but again the wind took us and Magic to Inagua in Bahamas.

We sailed for 48 hours and got hit by rather strong squalls a few times. Everything went grey and the wind shifted here and there and then the rain came. Blew up a mist and white horses on the water and we had to just change course and ride it out. Arrived in Inagua in dark around 2 am but anchoring was very straight forward. And in the morning we were surrounded by the most amazing water…the really turquoise blue with sand bottom and just begging you to jump in. Fantastic!
We got Kevin with the big black truck to drive us around, the kids of course in the back. Can you imagine that in UK?? We saw the pink flamingos, the salt factory and we got to walk on the salt that just looks like snow. Amazing. The old light house that we climbed up and nearly killed myself as I’m very unfit to have lunch in a bar with guess what? A tv! The kids went bananas!!! Great day.
Been swimming and stocking up an few more bits and used the library on most days.air cond and excellent Internet. Now checking weather for our hop to Cuba and leaving on Monday. No wind at the mo.

Alice has started to use the potty and we make a great fuss about that,the boys have downloaded a lot of new games and we just got to keep cleaning as I don’t get it why the boat gets so filthy….you know, crisps, sand and stuff every where:)))

We are doing really good and loving every single bit of it

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