So after Carriacou we went to Sandy Island,a thin strip of sand,few palmtrees and nothing else.Lovely,can’t spend money there even if you tried.Snorkelled, explored and made sand castles for the hermit crabs. To then go to Tobago cays.A big reef and few islands where nobody lives and it’s just beautiful.Only 4 boats there including us,wow.Usually there is about 40. Well straight to the beach where the boys snorkelled and saw turtles to then hike up the trail and we saw a tortoise and a iguana to back down and jump in the sea again.I sat there with Alice when I saw something…..a fish? But it swam oddly….or the swim was familiar….I stood up and followed it coming towards us….is it going to go past or….no bloody not.Changed directions and came straight for us.I ran/stumbled out of the water with Alice in my arms and didn’t want to believe my eyes but it was a shark!!! A blacktip reef shark.Ok, only a young one but where is mama shark and even worse,the papa???? needless to say I didn’t go back in as I don’t know anything about them.Later we did google it and apparently no danger unless it will mistake you for food. Food? As far as I’m concerned i’m made of meat and bones and that’s food!!!

Anyway, back to the boat and saw that the charge on batteries was low so put the generator on. Noisy….and realised something is not right.Water not cooling it so had to turn it off.Now what,sun was going down,charge in batteries really low….so turned everything off.Even the fridge and the freezer. Sat in dark with head torches on worrying if we will get back to Carriacou following day. Up at dawn ready to go and of course the lightning and thunder had to start just then as well,just to make my misery perfect.Blah…so off we went and lucky a good ending to that story.Simon sent the part we needed from Grenada on the ferry, Chris fixed it and all good again in the kingdom of Moody Finn.

So we were back in the marina again for 3 weeks,felt a bit boring but the boys reconnected with Zelda and we were back again in a routine of fixing things and swimming etc. Alice is teething badly and popping teeth like mushrooms,poor little thing.Boys wild,school goes up and down and money seems to disappear into a black hole….

But the boat is getting there,chartplotter working, hurrah!watermaker working and we are ready to go again, this time back up the chain towards St.Lucia. Here we are back in Carriacou at the moment where the rain hasn’t stopped all afternoon with Zeldas boat ocean explorer anchored next to us.Can’t part the lovebirds James/Zelda team yet…

So tomorrow we got things to do like washing, checking engine over and waiting for this rain to stop and hopefully we are on our way to Bequia.


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